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QSampler::MainForm Class Reference

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Public Slots

void channelsArrange ()
void channelsAutoArrange (bool bOn)
void channelsMenuAboutToShow ()
void channelsMenuActivated ()
void channelStripChanged (ChannelStrip *pChannelStrip)
void editAddChannel ()
void editEditChannel ()
void editRemoveChannel ()
void editResetAllChannels ()
void editResetChannel ()
void editSetupChannel ()
void fileExit ()
void fileNew ()
void fileOpen ()
void fileOpenRecent ()
void fileReset ()
void fileRestart ()
void fileSave ()
void fileSaveAs ()
void helpAbout ()
void helpAboutQt ()
void processServerExit ()
void readServerStdout ()
void sessionDirty ()
void stabilizeForm ()
void timerSlot ()
void viewDevices ()
void viewInstruments ()
void viewMenubar (bool bOn)
void viewMessages (bool bOn)
void viewOptions ()
void viewStatusbar (bool bOn)
void viewToolbar (bool bOn)
void volumeChanged (int iVolume)

Public Member Functions

ChannelStripactiveChannelStrip ()
void appendMessages (const QString &s)
void appendMessagesClient (const QString &s)
void appendMessagesColor (const QString &s, const QString &c)
void appendMessagesError (const QString &s)
void appendMessagesText (const QString &s)
ChannelStripchannelStrip (int iChannelID)
ChannelStripchannelStripAt (int iChannel)
lscp_client_t * client () const
void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *pEvent)
ChannelStripcreateChannelStrip (Channel *pChannel)
void destroyChannelStrip (ChannelStrip *pChannelStrip)
 MainForm (QWidget *pParent=NULL)
Optionsoptions () const
QString sessionName (const QString &sFilename)
void setup (Options *pOptions)

Static Public Member Functions

static MainFormgetInstance ()

Protected Slots

void activateStrip (QWidget *pWidget)
void updateRecentFilesMenu ()

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *pCloseEvent)
bool closeSession (bool bForce)
void customEvent (QEvent *pCustomEvent)
void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *pDragEnterEvent)
void dropEvent (QDropEvent *pDropEvent)
bool loadSessionFile (const QString &sFilename)
bool newSession ()
bool openSession ()
bool queryClose ()
bool saveSession (bool bPrompt)
bool saveSessionFile (const QString &sFilename)
bool startClient ()
void startSchedule (int iStartDelay)
void startServer ()
void stopClient ()
void stopSchedule ()
void stopServer (bool bInteractive=false)
void updateAllChannelStrips (bool bRemoveDeadStrips)
void updateDisplayEffect ()
void updateDisplayFont ()
void updateInstrumentNames ()
void updateMaxVolume ()
void updateMessagesCapture ()
void updateMessagesFont ()
void updateMessagesLimit ()
void updateRecentFiles (const QString &sFilename)
void updateSession ()
void updateViewMidiDeviceStatusMenu ()

Private Attributes

bool bForceServerStop
QList< ChannelStrip * > m_changedStrips
int m_iDirtyCount
int m_iStartDelay
int m_iTimerDelay
int m_iTimerSlot
int m_iUntitled
int m_iVolumeChanging
lscp_client_t * m_pClient
QProcess * m_pServer
QSlider * m_pVolumeSlider
QSpinBox * m_pVolumeSpinBox
QWorkspace * m_pWorkspace
QString m_sFilename
QLabel * m_statusItem [5]
Ui::qsamplerMainForm m_ui

Static Private Attributes

static MainFormg_pMainForm = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file qsamplerMainForm.h.

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